Disaster Planning Guide: How To Use This Guide

The first part of the Disaster Planning Guide is a comprehensive self-assessment tool that will allow LTC providers to compare their existing plan against standardized disaster planning/emergency management principles and concepts. Completing the self-assessment in an honest and thorough manner is the first step to using this guide and will help the provider to identify their plan’s strengths and their opportunities for improvement. The authors recommend that this assessment be completed in the context of the facility’s quality assurance program, and therefore protected under the privileges afforded to these kinds of internal activities.

The second part of this Guide is a collection of inserts that generally correspond to the items on the self-assessment tool. Where possible these inserts are in are in a format that allow for document customization. Additionally, the Guide contains a resource list where providers can go to download materials that will help them to address any areas of need identified in their self-assessment. Providers who choose to augment or replace specific sections of their existing plans are invited to utilize any or all of these inserts for that purpose and to customize them as they see fit. 

Information contained in the Disaster Planning Guide in part or in its entirety does not constitute an Emergency Operations Plan. Consideration and utilization of the resources and tools included in the Disaster Planning Guide have been designed to provide a LTC facility with a framework to develop a comprehensive EOP that integrates standard concepts and practices to help promote interoperability with other emergency planning, response and recovery entities.

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